A 60 Project Tour: See For Yourself!

Some current and potential Board Members after the Bus Tour of ETCDC Projects on November 3rd.

On Thursday, November 3rd, the ETCDC Staff and about two dozen current and potential Board Members loaded onto a bus (shout-out to Premiere for driving us!) and took an hour-long trek around Knoxville to view sixty projects the Design Center has worked on in the past or is working on currently. Design Studio Project Coordinator Perry Childress narrated the journey and snacks and drinks were on hand to mark the occasion. Through the tour, two stops were made. The first, in South Knoxville, was at the Urban Wilderness Gateway. The ETCDC worked with both Legacy Parks and the South Haven Neighborhood Association to develop general plans for the Baker Creek Wilderness in the immediate area surrounding the terminus of James White Parkway, which has since been developed into the Gateway to South Knoxville’s outdoor paradise. The second stop, in East Knoxville, was at the Change Center, which the ETCDC provided initial designs for and which has, in the time it has been opened, helped to decrease the teen violence rate in the area by an amazing 70%, according to Change Center representatives. It was a great look at just a small handful of the 1200+ projects the ETCDC has assisted with since 1970, and we are providing the map to you below in case you want to check out some of the projects yourself!

The tour map with arrows showing the route the Board Bus took. The ETCDC Office is at the top, marked by our logo. Stars are projects.

As well, we created a packet for the tour that includes more details. To view the entire packet, which includes the map above, driving directions, and project addresses with photos, click here. Feel free to drive the route yourself, and if you do, take a photo of some of your favorite projects and tag us on Instagram alongside the hashtag #ETCDC.