Intern Highlight: Layla Mosadegh, Marketing Specialist


Layla Mosadegh is a marketing specialist at Amazon Web Services in Washington, D.C. (although currently living back in Knoxville during the pandemic), specializing in marketing Amazon's cloud services to the federal government. Born and raised in South Knoxville, she graduated from the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business in 2019 with a Bachelors in Business Administration, with a concentration in marketing and international business. Layla was also a member of the Greg and Lisa Smith Global Leadership Scholars Program.

During her internship with the ETCDC, Layla worked with administration and communications, supporting the development of marketing strategy, email campaigns, and ETCDC's fundraising events. When asked about her experience at the Design Center, Layla responded: "I have been with Amazon for almost two years now, getting to develop my marketing and professional skills by helping the federal government understand the positive value that cloud can have on operations, budget, mission support, and ultimately, services for citizens. I sincerely attribute working at the Design Center for nearly two years in college as the stepping stone that got me to where I am in my career. As an intern, I was able to gain extremely valuable experience and develop a broad range of marketing and communications skills that I still use today".

When Amazon announced that employees could apply for grants to support local nonprofits in their community during the pandemic, Layla applied on behalf of the Design Center, "hoping that this small grant would help to give back for everything they have done for me."