Volunteer Highlight: Aaron Shugart-Brown, LA


We reached out recently to ETCDC professional volunteer Aaron-Shugart Brown and asked him to tell us a bit about himself. He sent us the following:

I grew up here in East Tennessee and am proud to call Knoxville my home. In my undergraduate education I studied watercolor and sculpture at the University of Tennessee. Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy I decided to switch to Ornamental Horticulture and graduated with an Undergraduate degree in Landscape Design. I spent some time designing and installing residential landscapes before returning to UT get my Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. My focus was on memorial landscapes with my final thesis on the impact the Trail of Tears has had on our region. Since graduation I have been working professionally for Ross/Fowler for over five years. I still paint with watercolors on a regular basis and have participated in Knoxville’s First Friday art walk.


Aaron has volunteered with us on several projects, the most recently of which was the First Creek Park Vision Plan, which you can view by clicking here. Aaron created a beautiful design for the expansion of the North Knoxville park and was present with us in late October when the final plans and renderings were presented to a small group of neighbors. Thank you, Aaron, for helping the ETCDC make our local landscapes better through your designs!