Even More Project Updates!

  A view of the stage at Heritage ParkAnother month has gone by and that means another month of ETCDC project work has progressed. Below you’ll find a list of where our current projects stand as of the middle of May, 2023. Our project in Union County to design a music wall of fame morphed over the previous year to … Read More

April 2023 Project Updates

(L) The final meeting with Visit Knoxville || (R) Vestal Villas Board Members review ETCDC workAs the weather warms up here in Knoxville, the project work at the Design Center is warming up even more. With a large range of projects occurring simultaneously, we wanted to update everyone on the status of them; some projects are wrapping up, some are … Read More

A 60 Project Tour: See For Yourself!

On Thursday, November 3rd, the ETCDC Staff and about two dozen current and potential Board Members loaded onto a bus (shout-out to Premiere for driving us!) and took an hour-long trek around Knoxville to view sixty projects the Design Center has worked on in the past or is working on currently. Design Studio Project Coordinator Perry Childress narrated the journey … Read More

Project Updates: November 2022

It may be the season to sit back, relax, eat turkey and watch football, but here at the Design Center we are going full steam ahead with several projects. Below are updates to some of them. SEEED: the energy-efficiency-focused nonprofit is working with us and volunteer architect Don Horton, AIA, to develop a new multistory mixed-use office building on Martin … Read More

Partying Like It’s 1982

August 3rd was our Celebration at World’s Fair Park and by all accounts, it was a great success. The food was delicious (thanks to Holly’s) the beer was cold (thanks to the Tap Truck), the auction was stunning (thanks to all of our artist donors) and the atmosphere was totally 80s! Check out a handful of photos from the event … Read More

From Our Files: Part 3

Welcome to the third installment of our new series, ‘From Our Files’, where we show you a potpourri of sketches, old projects, and other fun things we recently found at our office while doing some intense Spring cleaning. For this installment, we’ll focus on a few local Knoxville neighborhoods. The first one, Fourth and Gill, is the neighborhood our office … Read More

Meet Melody!

Everyone, say hello to the newest member of our Staff here at the Design Center, Ms. Melody Wyatt! Melody joins us after having worked in the past at UT and then for five years at the Boy Scouts’ Great Smoky Mountain Council. She retired in November of 2020 but decided to come out of her retirement to work with us … Read More

From Our Files: Part 2

This is the second installment our new series, ‘From our Files’, where we take a look back at some of the treasures we’ve found in the trove of files at the Design Center office. The first sketch, seen above, is of a block of Cumberland Avenue in Knoxville from 1982 (forty years ago exactly!). We hope the designs and sketches … Read More

From Our Files: Part 1

In cleaning our office and organizing our files recently, we rediscovered some old projects and beautiful sketches that had been waiting quietly in our cabinets to be viewed once more. We’ll be sharing some of what we found on here and our social media every month or so for a while, so set back and enjoy what we found, such … Read More

2022 Community Collaborative Charrette Starts January 24th!

An example of charrette sketchesWe will be conducting our 2022 Community Collaborative Design Charrette from Monday, January 24th through Thursday, February 24th for participating architecture firms and teams of interested designers. The Community Collaborative is a focused effort between organizations on the challenges facing our local communities. The goal of the Collaborative is to highlight an area’s history, bring awareness … Read More